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View My Resume Today is a coaching and training program developed by Carin Camen over a 10 year period. It is specialized to assist those who are long-term unemployed. It's benefits extend out to anyone who is looking for employment or to improve their quality of life and relationships. As a former coach and trainer of sales agents, she has developed these programs to help overcome the obstacles that hold us back.

Our ability to succeed, first starts in the mind and then occurs through the actions of our body. Understanding the mind/body connection allows us to strengthen our mind to the capabilities of our body by not allowing fear and self-defeating thoughts cripple our actions. Understanding first hand, the challenges of going through major life changes; she implements the techniques she has learned throughout the years to achieve personal and professional improvement.

Discover • Define • Develop

It all begins with a honest look at where we are, where we want to be and how to achieve. View My Resume Today is a self discovery process that can be applied in personal and professional development. They key to success, is staying focused and committed to achieving the end result.

  • Discover - Acknowledging where we need improvement.
  • Define - Determining a course of action for change.
  • Develop - Working through the course of action to obtain results.

For those who are looking to propel themselves personally and professionally to the next level. View My Resume Today, can be your partner in self-improvement.

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